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A Celestron GOTO Mount - The Missing User's Notes with
Astrotime Not Quite Redux


Shades of Gray

Power outage for matter and energy


Stonehenge: Lunar and Solar Anonymity in Three Stages

 Mythic ruins in pious decay


Smart Hay
by Duane Dunkerson

Persnit answered some questions from the aliens. 
Then we all did.


Uranus- About Saying, Finding and Describing It

Mistaken for comet and star, oddly aligned, and having
moons beyond twenty and rings beyond nine



When Is a Variable a Cataclysmic Variable?

Disappearing stars, superhumps,accretions, and
backyard astrophysics



The Shape of Nebula Then and Now

Enlarging the Universe connects with obstinate blurs
becoming exquisite beauties.



Why No Predictions for Theoretical Tides?

Why? There is the vagabond Moon, constant Sun,
far Jupiter, and an inconstant Earth



Messier - The Man, The List, The Marathon

A Ferret, 110, Up All Night


Lowell's Canals : Demarcations in Discernment

Lowell's Canals of Mars, A Tentative
Dusty and Cratered Proposal



If a Nova Came to Bethlehem

Even so, not enough for the Magi,
they needed still more.



Turn Left at Orion

As a beginner with a small telescope learn
about what can be found and seen with the
sage advice the authors provide

Libra, a Zodical Constellation Like No Other
Neither animal nor person, between a virgin and a scorpion

Ice or Ocean, Crete and Tyre, Dry to None

UV in Interior Lighting of Spaceships Can Lead to Infectious Diseases
Immune suppression has been observed to occur in astronauts.Previously it was attributed to microgravity.

The 400 Prisms of 2dF
Four Hundred Prisms Map the Positions of 250,000 Galaxies

Only a T-shirt in the Cold
In this fictional account, E. Persnit wanted
more time at the telescope.

An Astronomer's Diet - Big Macs, no UV and Hold the CIS
The skin's urocanic acid, the Sun's UV and some diets can promote immunosuppression and skin cancer.

Click and Ye Shall Identify (Martian Craters)
Discover craters on Mars. Big telescope? Go to Mars? No and no. Discover, click, at NASA Web site.

Tophat and a Very Long Tail
Before stars and galaxies there was and is cosmic microwave radiation.

More Than a Pinch of SALT in the Southern Hemisphere
The South African Large Telescope (SALT) will take 4 years to complete. John Herschel's telescopic tradition will be upheld.








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